Terms and conditions

1. Documents required to conclude a vehicle rental contract


  • AGE: from 18 years
  • identity card or passport (if a passport, a document proving a permanent address is also required)
  • driver's license of group B
  • credit or debit card to make a deposit

Legal entities / SZČO

  • ID and driver's license of the persons who will use the vehicle
  • when paying for an invoice, authorization and an order are required
  • authorization to sign the contract and take over the vehicle, if the contract is signed by a person other than the person listed in the extract from the commercial register or in the trade letter
  • order signed by the person indicated in the statement from the commercial register or in the trade certificate, or by an authorized person

2. Payment terms

Individuals, Legal persons / SZČO / s.r.o

  • we accept payment by credit or debit card as well as cash
  • we accept payment by credit or payment card (Visa, Visa Electron, ZBK, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic, EC/MC), we do not accept American Express, Diners club
  • we accept payment by bank upon fulfillment of all conditions and presentation of all documents necessary for renting a vehicle
  • the rental is paid for when renting the vehicle and for the entire rental period in advance
  • in case the vehicle is delivered in Bratislava, the car rental company may request payment for the rental in advance, in the amount of the entire amount of the car rental
  • in the event of a rental extension, it is necessary to pay the additional fee at the SA-CARS branch, no later than 24 hours after the original contract expires
  • in the case of cancellation of the order or the Agreement by the Lessee for a reason for which the Lessor is not responsible, before handing over the Vehicle to the Lessee, the contractual penalty is in the amount of:
  • 30 % of the value of the assumed Rent in case of cancellation 168 - 96 hrs. before submission,
  • 70% of the estimated Rent in case of cancellation 96-72 hours. before submission,
  • 100% of the estimated Rent in case of cancellation 48 - 0 hours. before submission.

3. Deposit for the vehicle

Individuals / SZČO

  • by payment card in EUR, in which case the deposit will be returned to you in the same payment method as you paid it
  • the deposit is made when renting the vehicle together with the amount for renting the vehicle, the deposit will be returned to you when the vehicle is returned
  • if you pay the deposit with a credit or debit card, it will take a few days for the deposit to be returned to the account, which is due to bank transactions
  • the amount of the deposit for each vehicle is indicated in the price list, in the deposit column
  • the amount of the deposit may differ from the price list, if you made the reservation through an intermediary, check it on the intermediary's website
  • SA-CARS.SK is not responsible for exchange rate differences that may arise when withdrawing and returning the deposit

4. Price

Car rental prices, billing and VAT

  • rental prices are listed in the price list
  • ceny sú uvedené vrátane 20% DPH
  • we are VAT payers
  • the price list shows the prices for one day of rental (24 hours) depending on the type of vehicle and length of rental
  • prices for long-term rental, over 1 month, will be sent to you based on your requirements, for long-term rental calculation, please fill in the request for long-term rental calculation

It is included in the car rental price

  • 300 km / day, for short-term rental
  • 5000 km / month for long-term lease
  • (except stock and PREMIUM vehicles with the specified km limit)
  • mandatory insurance
  • accident insurance with co-payment, the amount of co-payment is indicated in the price list
  • highway stamp for SR
  • assistance services in the event of a vehicle breakdown
  • road tax for the vehicle
  • seasonal replacement of the vehicle

5. Length of lease

Length of car rental

  • one rental day = 24 hours
  • if this time is exceeded by more than 60 minutes, an additional rental day is charged
  • víkendová sadza platí len ak máme akciu Víkned a platí od piatka 16:00 do nasledujúceho pondelka 08:00
    pri prekročení tejto doby o viac ako 30 minút, sa účtuje ďalší deň prenájmu

Long-term car rental

  • long-term rental means a rental for more than one month
  • prices for long-term rental, over 1 month, will be sent to you based on your requirements, for long-term rental calculation, please fill out the questionnaire - long-term rental calculation
  • We will be happy to provide you with information about long-term rental by calling +421 944 985 425, by email at rent@sa-cars.sk, or you can find them HERE

6. Parking and parking of the vehicle


  • free of charge - at the SA-CARS.sk branch, Mlynárska 15, Košice
  • free of charge - at Magnezitárska 5, Košice
  • for parking a vehicle outside of Košice, a fee is charged according to the current price list

Out of city

  • Delivery of the vehicle in all cities in Slovakia
  • e.g.: Košice, Prešov, Trebišov, Michalovce, Poprad, Rožňava, Rimavská Sobota, Vranov nad Topľou, Stará Ľubovňa, Kežmarok, Bratislava
  • or other place at the customer's request


  • Slovakia – Košice Airport, Poprad Airport, Bratislava Airport
  • Hungary – Budapest Airport, Debrecen Airport
  • Poland – Krakow Airport, Rzeszow Airport, Katowice Airport
  • Austria – Vienna Airport

7. Insurance

  • all vehicles are legally and accident insured
  • co-payment for damage to the rented vehicle is paid by the lessee, the amount of the co-payment is indicated in the price list
  • the co-payment may vary if you booked the car through an intermediary, to find out the amount of the co-payment, visit the website of the intermediary
  • for the fulfillment of the insurance claim, it is necessary to present the TP and keys, otherwise the lessee is responsible for the full amount of damage to the vehicle
  • in the event of the use of drugs, alcoholic beverages or other narcotic substances, the lessee is responsible for the full amount of damage to the vehicle
  • you will be charged an administrative fee of EUR 50 when dealing with an insurance event or a fine from state authorities.

Vehicle insurance is not applicable for

  • If the tenant was responsible for the traffic accident due to the use of alcoholic beverages
  • If the lessee hands over the vehicle to a third party
  • If the renter damages the tires or wheels

8. Travel abroad

  • the trip is allowed to the following countries: Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Portugal. When traveling abroad, the tenant is obliged to inform the landlord about this fact in advance and the countries must be recorded in the rental agreement a fee is charged for going abroad.
  • travel to other EU countries, Montenegro, Serbia, and Switzerland, Bulgaria, Portugal, is possible only after a prior agreement between the tenant and the landlord and must be specified in the rental agreement, there are additional fees when traveling to these countries. Inform yourself in advance by phone or email.
  • travel is not possible to the following countries: Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Greece, Great Britain and all countries outside Europe
  • the lessee is obliged to inform the lessor of the vehicle if he would like to travel with the vehicle outside the Slovak Republic. If he violates this, he will be charged a contractual fine of €300

9. Refueling and cleaning the vehicle


  • the lessee takes over the vehicle with a full tank and is obliged to return it with a full tank
  • in some cases, SA-CARS reserves the right to hand over the vehicle to the renter with a lower fuel level than a full tank and to ask him to return the vehicle with the same level of fuel
  • in the event that the lessee returns the vehicle with a lower level of fuel than when he received it, the amount of the missing PHM will be charged at a price of €5/l + handling fee of €50


  • the vehicle is handed over to the lessee cleaned inside and out
  • the vehicle must be rinsed of dust and coarse dirt before handing over
  • in case of excessive pollution (eg: animal hair in the vehicle, deep stains on the seats and upholstery, extremely muddy interior or chassis) you will be charged a fee of €50 according to the general terms and conditions

10. Amendment

  • the car rental company is not responsible for the lessee's property and things left in the vehicle
  • prices are determined by agreement and the car rental company reserves the right to adjust prices
  • the car rental company reserves the right to refuse the rental without giving a reason
  • The car rental company reserves the right to rent a vehicle of the same or a higher category to the customer at the agreed price in the event of a confirmed reservation and a lack of vehicles. If such a vehicle is not available, the car rental company employee will inform the customer in advance.
  • if you booked the vehicle through an intermediary, the conditions may be different, in this case visit the intermediary's website to find out the exact conditions, or contact us by email or phone

These conditions are abbreviated information of the general terms and conditions, you can view the complete "General terms and conditions" here.

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us: rent@sa-cars.sk or +421 944 985 425