Long term rental

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Rent a vehicle for 1 to 24 months. Choose a vehicle from our fleet, or enter your idea of the vehicle and we will fulfill it. You are not bound by us, nor the length of the lease. Send us a non-binding request for a long-term rental of the vehicle you require and we will send you to we will send the best offer by email within 24 hours.

Duration of the charter

The length of the lease is selectable from 1 month with the entrance of 5,000 km a month, or after a mutual agreement is limit of kilometers unlimited. For rentals longer than 3 months, there is the possibility of an individual discount. You still pay the same amount per month, in which you rent a car with insurance, service. You're just refueling and we'll take care of everything else. Set the number of months you plan to drive.

In the case of corporate clients, we can also provide you with refueling cards for the vehicle.


  • Assistance services
  • Road Tax
  • Highway Stamp for Slovakia
  • Replacement Vehicle - during the repair period
  • GPS - monitoring (you do not have to write a logbook)
  • Tires By Season
  • Vehicle Service Inspections
  • Claims Settlement
  • Legal and Accident Vehicle Insurance
  • Own Towing Service - in case of accident or breakdown


In the event of a breakdown or accident, your vehicle will be towed to the nearest service center. At the same time, we will deliver and provide you with a replacement vehicle from our SA-CARS car rental company, which will keep your mobility.


In case you have a issue with the vehicle, call our non-stop line +421944650500. We will deliver a replacement car in the given class while your car is being serviced, we will return the purchased vehicle to you after it is fixed.


You don't have to go anywhere when changing tires - our staff will take care of everything. We will take over the vehicle at the agreed time, transfer to the seasonal tires and at the same time return it to the agreed place.



  • Minimum age of driver - 18 years
  • Valid ID card and driving license of the person who will use the vehicle
  • Vehicle rental agreement and Third document (credit / payment card, passport) deposit security

Právnická Osoba

  • Valid extract from the Business Register
  • Valid ID card and driving license of the person who will use the vehicle
  • The contract for the rental of the vehicle is signed by the manager of the company or a person authorized by him

Application for long-term rent

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